About Us

The DataVoice Interaction Recording Solution

DataVoice is a scalable best of breed enabler within your interaction management suite with a specialised focus on secure recording of multiple streams and channels.

From Voice, email and chat applications across multiple platforms deployed in today’s contact centres (traditional or emergency services), back office systems of any size or even service provider environments.

With over 20 years of recording experience and installations in over 50 countries, we are very well seasoned and industry experts in the secure recording space.

Our interaction recording and management solutions, securely record, manage, re-create and analyse voice and multimedia transactions...

...and can be tailored to enhance communication between organisations and their customers, as well as, support business processes, assisting them to meet security, legal and governance requirements while mitigating risk and optimising workforce productivity to ensure quality customer interactions.

Interaction management solutions are vital to companies that want to conduct operations through paperless business processes, that allow companies to review their interactions and ensure that they are in line with business strategies.

The business advantages that are gained by deploying interaction management technologies in a customer-facing context are now becoming a requirement and are in high demand in intra-company and radio communications

Interaction Recording & Management

DataVoice design and develop industry leading and proven solutions for both the security and interaction management recording industries.

DataVoice is made up of a dynamic team of key staff, that are focused on designing and developing best of breed products and solutions that exceed the industry standard.

Our main operations are located in Johannesburg with branch offices in all major hubs within South Africa, while our development team reside in Stellenbosch amongst the wine farms away from the hustle and bustle.

As we operate as an OEM only, our carefully selected and highly skilled value added distributors and resellers are appointed to deliver and support our solutions in the market.

Our portfolio is constantly updated and refined, with solutions being designed and customised to match the latest industry trends and the needs of our customers.

DataVoice products and solutions are a focused, industry leading, cost effective, customisable and most importantly proven and reliable.